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New Construction

Well! It’s certainly been a minute. I could (and likely will, eventually) write a lot of words about what I’ve been up to, but I’ll go with a short list:

  • ADHD diagnosis
  • New job
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Abdominal hernia

Those last two are both new.

Also, there was that whole pandemic situation, which is apparently over despite all the people still getting COVID. Someone forgot to tell the virus.

So… what now?

I want to tell stories again. Some of those stories will be prose, some will be comics and I guess some could be multimedia experiences if I really want to get ambitious. I have a few things pickling.

One of them is Arkyria, which the site is named for. I posted around 70 pages of comic a few years ago, but I didn’t like how it turned out or where it was headed and my interest died in a fire. My advice to anyone thinking about starting a comic is this: Write a small story. The lower the page count, the better. I had 75 pages scripted while I was drawing page 12, and I was constantly revising whatever hadn’t been drawn. The last 30 pages were an absolute slog to get through.

I still love those characters and the setting, though, and I think if I start fresh with a couple different characters and some 2-4 page stories, it will be easier to keep my brain from shutting down.

The other story I’ve been working on is about a middle-aged magical girl. I’m still deciding if I want that to be a comic or a novel. Honestly, it might end up being both. All I know is that I’ve been spinning my wheels on it for years and I need to just start writing the damn thing.