oh wow now it’s next year

2018 in review

I started last year on unstable footing. I reached a point where I wanted to build up a bit of a buffer so I could resume a weekly update schedule, but I kept taking on new side projects because they’re so shiny. That made it easy to put off the comic repeatedly and then whoops it’s next year.

Despite the lack of updates, I actually feel pretty good about what I did last year. I did a lot of art for a video game that a friend has been creating (I’ll post a link when we have something playable to share). I watched a lot of tutorials and read a few art books, and of course practiced the concepts I learned from them. I wrote a bunch of Arkyria-related words, mainly a short story and a lot of background stuff for the world bible. I also started a completely unrelated story which has been a lot of fun.

the prophecy of 2019

There are 7 pages to go before I reach the end of the story I started outlining 3 years ago. I’m really excited about that because I want to try some different things out. My first trick will be figuring out how to tell stories in fewer pages so I can introduce more characters and locations sooner.

I’m not going to commit to an update schedule at this point. I keep reminding myself that the whole reason I created this comic was to give myself an excuse to draw regularly, and sometimes I just want to draw other stuff. I’ll be sure to share here and on my Instagram, though!